Life EP in Heathen Harvest

Classy and still going strong Heathen Harvest gives Life EP 8.5/10:

Grand Mal X is one such act that refuses to be pigeon-holed, and this lovely little six-tracker, Life EP, is outstanding.”

“‘We are like Village People after the anthrax and the plague’. It’s an apt description: the music is at once danceable and disturbing–funky and putrescent. Another of the statements, this time featured on Life EP‘s artwork, declares ‘enhanced genetics by decoding and refusal’. It’s all something you can’t quite put your finger on.”

Heathen Harvest: Full review here

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Life rituals

GMx will be part of an early solstice ritual in STHLM/Sweden.


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Stealth Minds

Life EP sold out in a few days. Still some copies at: Discogs

Stealth Minds got a few reviews:

“…You don’t why this has happened, but the value of the experience has now shot through the roof. How many stars do you give your yelp review?

Stealth Minds succeeds at being pleasantly odd, rather than druggily alarming, containing a nice mix of  aesthetic comfort while incorporating traditionally discomforting sounds. Grand Mal X is sort of a Suicide that never yells “Frankie,” and Black Horizons is a label which never disappoints.”

Decoder Magazine: Full review here

“The blending of dark beats and a general sense of beauty and balance makes for an experience unlike any other I’ve encountered. Grand Mal x may be mostly foreign to my ears, but I anticipate I’ll spend a lot of time with this in the near future as my taste in electronic music continues to spread farther outward.”

Black Metal & Brews: Full review here

Copies: Discogs

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Life EP

GMx Life EP


“You’d be forgiven for thinking of Coil when you listen to Grand Mal x. It’s not the sound and style in itself—GMx offers a kind of motorik driven take on minimal electronics, coupled with influences from the darker tangents of electro. The similarities are on a far more esoteric level, investigating the same currents of the physical and the psychical aspects of life.

There is an ineffable undercurrent of magick and ritual to these songs, even a slightly sinister presence in them. They conjure up images of demon-possessed youth writhing and contorting on a dirty bunker dance floor. It’s sweaty, physical, and sexual music, but it never loses touch with the sublime qualities that turn simply »good music« into a truly revelatory experience. Grand Mal x are here to go. Deeper.“


Life EP C36 

Invisible Guy:

“…This runic inscription births life to amongst other tracks, one track that is certain to be the second manifestation. Charging the depths in the atmosphere of electro, harnessing minimal electronics and the complexity of structure as to the opposite of minimalism, this grandiose but minimal track is shaped as “Units“. Since they come unified, in units, for their overtaking of your mind. You can stream this track exclusively from Invisible Guy and take part in the channeling of a future being – not unbeknownst to us – but to you. So sharpen your minds, head into the mystique that will with all certainty in the world, engulf you. It will be out on Beläten in the shape of a cassette, namely the C36, for your listening delight – up for pre-ordering on the 31st of January…”

All Words

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Stealth Minds out on Black Horizons

A very tasty cassette is now available from US Black Horizons. We say: Shoot! And: “V: We believe in pyramids”.

Get it here:


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Stealth Minds

Things are moving at the speed of minds. Black Horizons will blast out Stealth Minds before the end of this year.



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“Trick of a trade” on Beläten mixtape

Life EP will be released on Beläten in December. A small dose can be taken in this brilliant mashup:

Shadow Rite: A Beläten Mixtape

01. Blitzkrieg Baby — Half Pig Half Man (Beläten, Forthcoming)
02. Feuerbahn — Triumphwagen (Aufnahme+Wiedergabe)
03. Dmitry Distant — System Control (Beläten, Forthcoming)
04. Michael Idehall — Snake Messiah [Distel Remix] (Beläten, Forthcoming)
05. L’Avenir — Falling Like The Snow II (Beläten, Forthcoming)
06. Makina GirGir — Oedipus Fin (La Forme Lente)
07. Női Kabát — Make Room! Make Room! (Aufnahme+Wiedergabe)
08. Grand Mal x — Tricks Of A Trade (Beläten, Forthcoming)
09. Sebastian Melmoth — Skurwysyn (Self-released, Beläten cassette forthcoming)
10. Distel — White Soldier (Beläten, Forthcoming)
11. Veil Of Light — Light (Beläten)
12. Lebabon Hanover — Gallowdance (Aufnahme+Wiedergabe)
13. Lakes — The Oldest Place (Avant!)
14. Trepaneringsritualen — Åkallan: Mímir (Excerpt) (Malignant, Forthcoming)
15. Carrion Sunflower — Wish For Death (Beläten, Forthcoming)


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