“Their music is moody and gloomy, yet also spirited and empowering. Songs are steeped in noir sensibilities, gothic and industrial elements in a rich viscous flow. They are tense and gritty, while somehow calm and wise like a dark wizard. The parallel pessimism and optimism engrosses: The tea is bitter, but energizing.”

“…GMx: We had this urge, we wanted a space where we could catch this thing we knew we wanted to do. A space of freedom. Grand Mal x started there.”

We talked to AS IF . NO WAY about the coming 12″ and GMx in general: Interview

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A 12″ will be released by sparkling and solid label Kess Kill in May. It is a retrospective with one new track. The collection capture a lot of essence and width. More information and copies here: KESS05. First 40 with print from artist Kristina Junzell:


“The rocket travelled hastily through the midnight sky. Racing towards it’s destination it must ensure that it was not traced by opposition radar, who knew that a mere tin can could maintain such responsibility? Faster than the speed of light, the frame of the shell glimmered under the glow of the starlight from up above. Soon to cause havoc and prosperity for nations divided by sea, it must not miss.”

The Ransom note premieres: Speed of Light.


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Remix of Idehall

We did a remix of label colleague Michael Idehall‘s Omphalos: omphalos. remix by grand mal x

“…to create a darkened atmosphere where nobody goes safe from the anger brewing down below, like a powder keg almost about to blow up…”

Review at Repartiseraren.

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GMx_Hot 24h Fun

Hot 24h Fun

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A message from Grand Mal x

We use different types of surveillance equipment, both physical and psychic.
Our findings and files are documented on different formats, usually cassette for correct mind warp.

We are drawing a map of the Now and there can be no restrictions.

“Presence in constant transformation”

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Shamanik Frequency Out Now!


Shamanik Frequency Cloister Recordings US

“Shamanik Frequency. A compilation of unreleased tracks that brings you on a trip and you won’t know what to expect next. A bit ambient, a bit gothy EDM, all over experimental. Another great #cloisterrecordings release.” Rachel Calkins.

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New cassette: Shamanik frequency

In a few weeks a new cassette is ready at great us label Cloister Recordings. Words from the label: “A compilation of unreleased tracks from this Swedish weirdo EDM drone. Amazing.”

Unreleased tracks from Life EP, Back Alley Road and deleted project Tropical Tapes.

Pre-order here.


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