GMx_Hot 24h Fun

Hot 24h Fun

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A message from Grand Mal x

We are investigators, adventurers and gentlemen reporting from the present without boundaries or second thoughts.

We use different types of surveillance equipment, both physical and psychic.

Our findings and files are documented on different formats, usually cassette for correct mind warp.                                                                                                                                                             
What can come on as patchy is so. 
We are drawing a map of the Now and there can be no restrictions.

“Presence in constant transformation”!

— Grand Mal x



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Shamanik Frequency Out Now!


Shamanik Frequency Cloister Recordings US

“Shamanik Frequency. A compilation of unreleased tracks that brings you on a trip and you won’t know what to expect next. A bit ambient, a bit gothy EDM, all over experimental. Another great #cloisterrecordings release.” Rachel Calkins.

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New cassette: Shamanik frequency

In a few weeks a new cassette is ready at great us label Cloister Recordings. Words from the label: “A compilation of unreleased tracks from this Swedish weirdo EDM drone. Amazing.”

Unreleased tracks from Life EP, Back Alley Road and deleted project Tropical Tapes.

Pre-order here.


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Demo track: Speed of Light

There is a new demo track called Speed of Light over at Repartiseraren:


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Back Alley Road out on Black Horizons

Words from label: “Sweden’s Grand Mal x returns with another tape for Black Horizons of their own unique blend of ritual ambient and house music. This release finds them maturing even more, with a sharper contrast in styles between the five tracks, and a cleaner production. Gold and silver offset printing on gray laid paper. Edition of 100 on gold tapes with gold labels.”

From GMx: “Back Alley Road is out on US Black Horizons. After the baptism of fire of Life EP, Stealth Minds and Before Life this marks or rather open new portals. And possibly closes a few. This is the way to Go. Mainly written and constructed in India and Sweden the winter of 2015.”

Back alley Road C31 Cassette

12193088_10205003529424893_1646737130_o 12180037_10205003529944906_1665108249_n

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Trojan Horse

The Trip

The Trip

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