Back Alley Road out on Black Horizons

Words from label: “Sweden’s Grand Mal x returns with another tape for Black Horizons of their own unique blend of ritual ambient and house music. This release finds them maturing even more, with a sharper contrast in styles between the five tracks, and a cleaner production. Gold and silver offset printing on gray laid paper. Edition of 100 on gold tapes with gold labels.”

From GMx: “Back Alley Road is out on US Black Horizons. After the baptism of fire of Life EP, Stealth Minds and Before Life this marks or rather open new portals. And possibly closes a few. This is the way to Go. Mainly written and constructed in India and Sweden the winter of 2015.”

Back alley Road C31 Cassette

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Trojan Horse

The Trip

The Trip

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Bang!! Before Life in physical Shape!

Bang!! Before Life now in physical shape! It consists of material from Life EP sessions. Available as cassette (with code): Beläten mailorder and download (FLAC and so on): Beläten bandcamp. Words from label:

“»Against Modern Disease« exclaims the verso of the J-card, and this odd juxtaposition of an entirely modern, electronic language, and an inward search for the atavistic purpose of man is the key to understanding the particular magick workings of Grand Mal x. But even with this realization, it isn’t a lesson easily fathomed.

With Before Life GMx return to Beläten with the chronological successor, and thematic precursor to last years Life EP. Where that work seemed to try to lure the listener onto a dimly lit physical dancefloor, Before Life beacons you towards an equally obscure, though entirely metaphysical one. GMx stumble through alternately illuminated and occulted back alley roads, in search of their own personal catharsis.
Grand Mal x are here to go. Deeper.”

“The sometimes sickly atmosphere of the pieces has now transformed into something sickening, almost Destructive, a poisonous crash.”

Nonpop: Full review here

                 GMx_Before Life         GMx_Before Life

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Before Life


 #16 - Gebö - Marrow Mandler - Cover


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“Presence in constant transformation”

“Against modern disease”


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Life EP in Heathen Harvest

Classy and still going strong Heathen Harvest gives Life EP 8.5/10:

Grand Mal X is one such act that refuses to be pigeon-holed, and this lovely little six-tracker, Life EP, is outstanding.”

“‘We are like Village People after the anthrax and the plague’. It’s an apt description: the music is at once danceable and disturbing–funky and putrescent. Another of the statements, this time featured on Life EP‘s artwork, declares ‘enhanced genetics by decoding and refusal’. It’s all something you can’t quite put your finger on.”

Heathen Harvest: Full review here

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Life rituals

GMx will be part of an early solstice ritual in STHLM/Sweden.

Konspirationen_Belaten  GMxLiveII

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